martes, 19 de agosto de 2014

The Weavers of Incahuasi

It is very true that when we strive and aspire to do the things 
that make us happy, the universe works in such a magical way, 
that it puts all the pieces together and 
gives us the best of what we want. 

It wasn't chance that led me to Incahuasi, it wasn't luck. It was God that opened a door for me and I didn't think twice before running right through it!  

While traveling back down South after a trip to the North of Perú with my man, we made a stop in Chiclayo before heading down to our next destination, the snow peaked mountains and turquoise lakes of Huaraz. A small and rustic textile store instantly caught my eye...and I fell in love. I kept in touch with Edina, who at the time was running the store and some time later, when I least expected it, I was invited to visit Incahuasi and to work with the wonderful women who weave so beautifully!

Inkawasi Awana is an association of artisan women who live in Incahuasi, an indigenous community that sits at 3,100 meters above sea level in the heart of the Andes of Northern Perú. They use the traditional back-strap loom to weave beautiful textiles, selecting only the best wool from their sheep. They give it life and color, using natural dyes from plants available in their fields. Through this association, they hope to continue in the path of improving their skills, learning of new ways to adapt to current fashion trends and market their products effectively. By selling their products at their store in Chiclayo, they are able to get a fair price for their work, catering to a new clientele outside of their community. The money that comes from this allows them to better the quality of life of their families by sending their kids to school and feeding them healthy balanced meals. 

Could there be a better way of sharing my gifts and directing my passion? 

The sweetest of them all, Mama Segunda